Sunday, 23 August 2009

pose pose pose

Salam Sejahtera kepada kamu pembaca....

before I go on I would like to wish all of you Selamat menyambut Ramadhan.. moga-moga dapat berpuasa penuh dan lebih lebih lah merebut pahala di bulan ramadhan ini.. okay thanks Along and MJ for the present and for coming to the house to see Naufal. Its been two days of fasting and I'm learning a lot from it... of course being a dad is not making it easier esspecially if you had to look after the family.. now I will have no complains if my sayang naggs at me when I'm late for my Sahur for the past three days I had to wake up at 4 to cook the and prepare the food for the day.then i had to wake kakak up for sahur.. then the listgo on and on and on... another thing that made me go wow is kakak she will complete her puasa for three days this evening.. even I didn't get to puasa full when I was her age.. but she is strong but being kids she would like to have all teh food in the bazaar .. Naufal is getting better each day and he's jaundice too seem to be less. can't wait to see him grow bigger..he still quite small you know.. but time will tell.. anyway I hope you'll enjoy your puasa and have fun this blessed month.. for Basri.. kalau makan tu.. hehehe.. apa apa hal pun Chelsea gak power...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Rollercoaster Life

Salam Sejahtera wahai Pembaca

After been out from the hospital for 4 days my boy Naufal had to be admitted back for he got jaundice thats kuning for you who do not know. its been tough for us these few weeks as it had been a rollercoaster ride for us. I cannot describe how the feeling was because its all mixed up at times you'll be happy then suddenly things happened that switch you to anger or fear so sometimes i tend to be forgetful putting things or doing things. I be flat by 10 because of exhaustion then in the morning I had to rush an extra mile to make things functional aas usual.. the bigger sisters were acting like they never being given attention before and sometimes they were the victims of anger....i pity them ... from the begining it was a rolllercoaster ride for me and its tough.. yet I had to endure it and I know somehow things will be better eventually. and i hope and pray that it will come soon.. amin

Sunday, 2 August 2009

I got me a boy

Salam Sejahtera wahai pembaca

First of all I'm sorry that I have not write sooner. a lot of big things happened during the week. Let's start with the the biggestnews.. I got a baby boy!!!!!!. it happened on monday 27th July, My sayang had the permission to go back after 22 days staying in the hospital. so I fetch her after lunch and we arrived home just after three.. about an hour and a half after that when both of us preparing for prayer shetold me that she had some bleeding.. so I apa lagi pecut la avanza hijau trus ke emergency and my wife trus ke labor room.. tapi... things got okay until the next day.. I was just coming back from the hospital and about to do some house chores the the Dr. called personally urging me to rush to thehospital back.. there she told me that my sayang had bleed again and its getting serious and operation cannot be avoided... after hearing this I met my wife and we ke?.... we cried..not talk.. for 5 mins and then suddenly things go very fast.. the nurse entered and I had to wait outside then all of the sudden I'm in front the OT thats operation theatre for a bum like me and I saw her being wheeled in ...The feeling..only god knows.. and time seemed to walk slowly.. untill mr. Rizal came and we just there.. its about 1 hour i saw the nurse carrying a baby to the labor room and about ten or so mins. the dr. came out and told me that I'm a father again....and both of them were ok. I had to wait for another hour to see the baby and another one more hour to see my wife..its a big emotional event for me this is my first time and I am speecheless and just numb don't know what to do.. then my family arrived and then the tension level went down.. after five days Muhammad Naufal Syah is on the fast track of recovery as well as my sayang.. I just hope your prayers and doa would speed up his development as he needs all the help from us.. so on the 28th July after being only 8 months in her mama's womb Muhammad Naufal Syah was born to the world. let us pray for him and with your prayer I thank you all.. all in all I got me a boy...may he grow up and be a better man.... at least better than his father... thank you...