Thursday, 26 November 2009

ketupats and rendangs

salam sejahtera wahai pembaca

first and foremost I would like to wish selamt hari raya aidil adha to all my friends and family. then I'm officially have become one of the seremban residents starting last week and i'll be commuting to and fro every day.. its so thrill to be in your own house and there's a place for you to go after work. anyway do come to casa de la syah to all the facees datang la yek.. nnti saya up load gambar dlm blog ... bila aku tau nak upload yek so till then adios...

Friday, 6 November 2009

on the move

Salam sejahtera kepada kamu pembaca

theres a lot of things had happen where naufal had his trip back to the hospital but rutin ly hes back at the house for more than a week.. as for now i'm quite tired of commuting back and forth to seremban nearly every day to see the last preparation for the new house so tosay we clean the house and starting tommorrow the moving starts insyallah next week the heavy thing from kuala pilah willl come down to the house.. as for my friends you will get the invitation soon.. so i'm going to be a serembian back after 7 years in pilah.. and its going to be a new beginning for the kids since kakak will be in standard one next year.. could you believe it she will attend the same school i did for my primary education. wow.. then jeeha will be closer to her grand mother i hope.. and i will get myself a bigger bike for my ride but off course i still get to keep my blue eeaxe 5... nnti mppb camne nak race ngan bobby rahmat.. anyway i'm signing off but before that mira thanks for naufal's present... salam..