Saturday, 25 July 2009

All hail the champions

Salam Sejahtera Keatas Pembaca

All hail the champions we came back on wednesday night from perlis.. what can we say we got second place after KMJ and KML was behind us. all the effort by all the members of the contingent to get through out the games. I am proud to be with the team and you all have showed them the day all of them played kmns. 3 gold , 3silver and 2 bronze. anyway see you soon for another input.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

hi ho perlis here we come..

salam sejahtera wahai pembaca

Today is the last day we are having our ups.. tonight there will be a ceramah kepolisian and jenayah.. as for me life is just like that.. anyway in two days we will be leaving for km perlis for kakom. my sayang is still in the hospital as the doctor said two more weeks to stay there.. so I'll be seeing her after kakom. its better for her to stay there as there doctors and nurses and everything. i have to start marking tonight and the english unit had received three new lecturers today as they were from school. but all are more than 30 years old..hahaha no more young and single ladies lecturers for us anymore....the rest all of us is just waiting to go back for our holidays and in my case perlis.. okay see ya'll again bye..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gratitude towards the family

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca...

first of all I would like to thank you all that sending your prayers to my sayang.. i'm touched and most of all honoured.. she 'll be okay but still the dr. said if the placenta do not move up then he'll cut her open..I'm hoping that would not be happening... now or later... so the newbies of universities? hows live? hope you're in good condition.. this monday is our ups so.. the boys and girls of kay....em...and...ass no bad word intended!!!! are busy studying or so called..hahahaha.. anyway they reminded me guys.. god how much I miss you guys.. as always each batch have their differences... what ever it is ....all the best for your ups and bile lagi nak turun kay..emm..and..a$$$$?

Thursday, 9 July 2009

what happen few days ago...

Salam Sejahtera ke atas kamu pembaca

these are a few events of what had happened a few days ago... we came back from kuantan on sunday.. and the next day, my sayang complained that her tummy is sakit... so I sent her to the clinc for checking and suddenly her had to hopped on an ambulance and then I found myserlf in the maternity ward.. the doctor said that the placenta when down... and it collided with the baby's head... so further movement or lifting heavy things will cause severe bleeding. so she had to be detained in the hostipal for 2 weeks.... aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!! so I am commuting to and fro to the hospital..but the food is ok la.... I've eaten her dinner hahaha but thank god her mom is here.. at least kakak and adik arfe not missing their mom too much..still adik asked her mommy everynight. its sad to see and hear but I got to hang tough.. by the way.. Pn. Hj. Kasmah one of the lab assisstants the old one had passed away today at 4 am may Allah blessed here soul and al Fatihah for her. to tell you the truth.. I, worried,sad dissapointed and god know what... its just I don't have anybody to tell.... hope for the best prepare for the worst that what i all was tell my students and now it my turn to fase this ordeal..I just hope I'm strong enough for this... till then hastalavista baby..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

day comes and go

salam sejahtera Wahai Pembaca,

There were a lot of things going on since last week. Let see... aha I was observed last thursday at last... but this was the big hit its not the kj nor ku, nor collegue but it was bmkpm ha ha and i'm caught in the act ... but ecerythings cool the comments are too me irrelevant coz I plaa
nned to keep it simple but things got to be more... but thats ok i can take critics last time i remember took a lot more abuse than this soooo it normal then came the time i have been waited for quite a long time... the Cherating trip ....... we started the journey around 10am friday morning.. Adek was cheerfully sing ayamden lapeh and before you know it all of us started to do the same thing... then more songs and more laughter..we arrived around three angd we got the seaview apartment... the place was sanctuary beach resort or something but it was nice and its windy and I just feel lazy for a sudden..and there goes our trip.. its dipping in the pool, eat pool some more.. and more food and the the turtle sanctuary the kemaman then balok thenso much to yet so little time... was a relaxing moment for the first time I was out of the system and I could rest.. its been tiring three months of 6 am -3 am work af ter this willl be iso, ups and kakom.hope this are ok when i got back. after three days we looked like sotong, udang, kepah, tiram dan segala apa yang dibakar. especially adek yg gebu itu...Jiha..she even nearly drown as to be too excited in the pool thank god verythings are ok. so see you all too