Monday, 31 May 2010


salam sejahtera for all the readers

its been a while since I've written anything on this here page...anyway things are okay this time around actually not that ok... i just got back from the clinic as i am having diarhea aka cir and bir it was bad last night and i got a day off.. so i'm here at my moms house with kak ros aka jeeha and her aunty. the orientation program had been a success as nearly nil comment from the other ajks and i had finally finished the manual guide for facillitators kmns to be used as soon as this pdt mppb thanks to zaini, ain, duta soya, luqman, eekkyynne and all the facis lantai yg chantek for helping me in doing the manual guide.. as new young faces came i had remembered those faces that came before how they had grew up and some had already started a family too aka deris and afiq soon to be then saufi then aina kot whatever it is i would like to thank you and congratulate you all for the effort you had given before and its fun to get to meet you guys if allah permits.. as theres a hectic life we had to endure too.. for those who are going to be in university hepi lantai yg chantek in respective universities.. those who going to be in second and third year hang in there. those who are graduating congrates and remember life is not a text book you have to get through it and those who are finding jobs..hmmm well start learning back as your life is just begun.. if you face the world with a full glass then you'll get nothing .always come with a half full glass maybe you'll catch somehthing.. i'm just saying what my senior said when i step on kmns ground for the first day... and still learning... if you thing you smarter than others then think again you may have the highest cgpa, you may have gone to a lot of places but if your attitude sucks then you'll suck forver man... so think... endeth lesson.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

senarai nama facilitator pdt 201011

salam ni dia senarai nama fasi pdt sila baca dan respon for confirmation in my facebook as soon as possible so bagi mereka yang terpilih sila hadirkan diri di kmns pada 11 mei hari jumaat selepas jam 2 ptg dan utk mppb pdt nie tak ade slot untuk alumni sume akan dikendali kan oleh pensyarah kmns so kalau nak dtg sila hubungi saya dahulu kang sesia kene sound kat ob kay.