Monday, 8 March 2010

something for a special person-my boy

my boy... Naufal
it was a fine morning when the call came,
hurriedly asking me to be there,
where somebody in pain so untame,
vision of it gave me nightmare,
It was lots of blood lost,
lots of fearful hopes
but to save you at all cost,
as life hanging by the ropes
there you go out from mummy's tummy,
small little package like darling buds of May,
red mass i saw coming to me
then you are the most beautiful thing that day,
days gone by you're getting bigger,
embraed with such fine fair skin too,
though a little smaler then your elders
but blessed with pointed nose and strong bones too,
such fine features you've possessed,
your bright eyes and cheerful laughter,
with two deep dimple adding up the rest,
those will make girls heart melt faster,
but now again came the test,
making our ordeal not yet done,
bad germs and cold viruses never rest,
leaving you lying helplessly undone,
so Naufal, Naufal my boy, my heart, get well soon,
so we can see you smile and laugh to the moon,
and to watch your beautiful face brightens the day,
cause daddy misses you and and loves you all the way....
writen on March 5th 2010