Sunday, 20 December 2009

a note of gratitude

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca

first and foremost it was a great feast for the family last saturday.. I had a great time seeing people coming to my house.. friends form near and afar came, friends from recent days as well as ancient time came .. I loved and cherished every moment all my friends who came thank you.. Azraai, Rizal, Fizee, Mizi, Sam, and many more to say and listed down. To all who didn't turn up no worries do come my house is always open for you.. above all.. I would like to thank John Keliwon aka Jenglot.. sebab dlm ramai2 faci dia yg sampai.. yg lain .....mungkin sibuk kot....well yg I tau Bob baru bangun.. zaini hmmm...along? ... dan ramai lagi la.. dtg la jgn la segan...anyway now it is officially officiated that I'm once again be a serembanian.. till then...adios asta lavista baby..

Monday, 14 December 2009

Makan Time

Salam to all of you pembaca...

It has been a while but here i am still alive and kicking .. well there were a lot of events happened but the most interesting was the battle of the bands.. at last we rock the night. we have Bunkface- prom queen,Greenday- september ends, Bon Jovi- you want to make a memory, Cranberries- zombie, Arctic Monkey- mardy bum, Nirvana- man who sold the world, OAG- 60's tv, My Chemical Romance- i don't love you,Metallica- nothing else matter and last but not least Eagles and Santana... I have fulfill my dreams of singing Hotel California.. and black magic woman..One night for ourselves...well next thing is that I'm having my kenduri at my house in seremban.. well to my friends and students you are being invited to bandar warisan puteri.. around 11 -12.30 afternoon this coming saturday 19th December 2009.. do come..

Thursday, 26 November 2009

ketupats and rendangs

salam sejahtera wahai pembaca

first and foremost I would like to wish selamt hari raya aidil adha to all my friends and family. then I'm officially have become one of the seremban residents starting last week and i'll be commuting to and fro every day.. its so thrill to be in your own house and there's a place for you to go after work. anyway do come to casa de la syah to all the facees datang la yek.. nnti saya up load gambar dlm blog ... bila aku tau nak upload yek so till then adios...

Friday, 6 November 2009

on the move

Salam sejahtera kepada kamu pembaca

theres a lot of things had happen where naufal had his trip back to the hospital but rutin ly hes back at the house for more than a week.. as for now i'm quite tired of commuting back and forth to seremban nearly every day to see the last preparation for the new house so tosay we clean the house and starting tommorrow the moving starts insyallah next week the heavy thing from kuala pilah willl come down to the house.. as for my friends you will get the invitation soon.. so i'm going to be a serembian back after 7 years in pilah.. and its going to be a new beginning for the kids since kakak will be in standard one next year.. could you believe it she will attend the same school i did for my primary education. wow.. then jeeha will be closer to her grand mother i hope.. and i will get myself a bigger bike for my ride but off course i still get to keep my blue eeaxe 5... nnti mppb camne nak race ngan bobby rahmat.. anyway i'm signing off but before that mira thanks for naufal's present... salam..

Friday, 9 October 2009

naufal's back

Salam Sejahtera ke atas kamu pembaca

Alhamdulillah Naufal had came back last tuesday hmm sume okay he is pronounce fit and healthy and he is bigger 3.48 kg wah dah bosa anak den... anyway thank you for your prayers and doas for afiq thank you for the upin ipin everyday they want to see.. life is more ceria a bit now we here are having x-am fever but next sem english month and battle of the band is back... and its going to be one night rock all you want.. any how seee you soon ..bye.

Monday, 21 September 2009

to the hospital again

Salam Sejahtera Wahai Pembaca

Naufal was admitted to the hospital again this tiime it was his cough and i'm so frustrated but at least i'm fast enough to brought him there.. early this morning he had some o2 in coz the doctor said the flow is not that chantek and he started on antibiotics right away.. anything to make him ok.. this is because that they spotted some white spots on his left lung its his kahak so thats why they started him with his antibiotics.. i guess...anyhow as my prayers with him .. today i'm off to mlaka with kakaks kesian kene gak bawak bebudak tu some where .. mama diaorg pun cakap camtu...anyhow we still wait for my mom to get ready before we blast off to jasin...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

hari raye datang lagi

Salam Sejahtera Keatas kamu pembaca...

Selamat Hari raye kepada semua well thats the most popular greeting presently and it is.. anyway there are some news to share with you all. first of all.. Aini batch 0809 facee 0910 umt first year had met with an accident. it happened last friday 18/09 she was driving her moms car then suddenly... bang she was in the hospital.. Aini suffered broken left hand and right leg.. she somewhere in one of the johor hospitals when i phone her this morning and thats all she said.. on other matters... I'm happy for this year 1. I got a baby boy - Naufal, 2. i n my wife got 44 grade, 3. i'm moving to my new house and the best for now is Nabilah completed her 1 month fasting aku darjah lima baru complete.. mmg nak abiskan tapi ibu ku akan menyuruh ku makan pada setiap tgh. suruhan ibu jgn la di engkar hahaha budak baik kan macam tu kan abas kan kan.... anyway, to all who wants to come to my house wait till i give the invitation as i'm in moving process sabaq na abas nnti bile dah clear cheq panggil na.. so again happy hari raye...godbless....

Thursday, 17 September 2009

selamat hari raye

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pemnbaca....

thank goodness we are here at last.. few more daze then all the muslim will celebrate the eid so as fellow muslims i would like to exrend my arms begging for forgiveness. kire 0-0 la kan tak baik simpan dendam yg membusung di jiwa cheh madah la konon.. to all my friends selamat hari raye yang balik naik keta drive carefully.. to all who ride bikes back don't rempit2 sesape yg naik bas jgn tido age kang terlepas tempat nak berenti pusing balik kang.. to abas ...nape name abas je yg glamer hmmmmm.... tak pe la sbb dia bdk baik.. hahaha jgn nak lolak na ganti la mana2 yg tinggal.. ingat bkn aritu makan macd dlm kete ke hahaha... pape hal chelsea gak power... to all the facee slamat hari all the jpp slamat hari raye to my children.. nabilah, najeeha and the latest edition naufal nnti ptg ayah sampai rmh opah ye...nabilah tahun nie complete pose hahaa banggo den.... so slamat hari raye to all ...

Thursday, 10 September 2009

one more week to go

Salam sejahtera wahai pembaca

so... its one more week to go for the students then they will go back for hari raya celebration as for me, my family had gone back to klang yesterday so i'm all alone but then tomorrow i'll be going to rakan mude jempol for kursus galus there hopefully I will meet afiq and gen. what i have learn for this year's puasa month is one of it is the will not to give up which i got it from Nabilah... she is so strong and never not yet.. tinggal pose and its the 20th day now and just another 10 days more to go. I hope she'll get through the ramadhan month this year. before i sign off just would like to wish everybody selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir batin to abas hehehe pape hal chelsea gak power cume sume org dengki tak nak bagi beli player.. and bila nak mai sini? to ogy, kimmy, abas, along, abas lagi, sume geng tengganu, hepi hari raye sebb korang je yg kontact yg lain macam sunyi je..hahaha tak pe aku masuh sayang kamu sume once a fasi always a faci..

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

its been 13 days now

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca....
yeah 13 done and 17 to go.. last light I had my berbuka pose with f4p2 students. yela kan ade org gi lawat org tak ajak pastu buke kat ayamas kite buke kat kafe d je la hahaha well i just had a wonderful time yesterday. anyhow nabila had not i repeat had not miss any of ther puasa daze yet and i'm supriseed she is very determine yup that includes sahur at macdonald eh tengganu ade mac dee ke? any way kak jiha pun pose gak satu hari saje ;la pastu tk nak bangun sahur then claim pose pkl 9 dah ajak makan koko crunch mintak bapak dia lak tu hai bole join skali hahah ha bas tak kan tak nak join kot... buat sume sume raye ni datang la rmh tp agak sepah la sbb tgh kemas nak pindah rmh. this weekend jpp nak buat traditonal games for the college then futsal pastu volleyball. then on the 17 they will do mlm aspirasi kemerdekaan. kire p[enuh gak la program and I will renovagte bilik jpp so they will get a new face.. tu la kan so get ready for a new change ......

Sunday, 23 August 2009

pose pose pose

Salam Sejahtera kepada kamu pembaca....

before I go on I would like to wish all of you Selamat menyambut Ramadhan.. moga-moga dapat berpuasa penuh dan lebih lebih lah merebut pahala di bulan ramadhan ini.. okay thanks Along and MJ for the present and for coming to the house to see Naufal. Its been two days of fasting and I'm learning a lot from it... of course being a dad is not making it easier esspecially if you had to look after the family.. now I will have no complains if my sayang naggs at me when I'm late for my Sahur for the past three days I had to wake up at 4 to cook the and prepare the food for the day.then i had to wake kakak up for sahur.. then the listgo on and on and on... another thing that made me go wow is kakak she will complete her puasa for three days this evening.. even I didn't get to puasa full when I was her age.. but she is strong but being kids she would like to have all teh food in the bazaar .. Naufal is getting better each day and he's jaundice too seem to be less. can't wait to see him grow bigger..he still quite small you know.. but time will tell.. anyway I hope you'll enjoy your puasa and have fun this blessed month.. for Basri.. kalau makan tu.. hehehe.. apa apa hal pun Chelsea gak power...

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Rollercoaster Life

Salam Sejahtera wahai Pembaca

After been out from the hospital for 4 days my boy Naufal had to be admitted back for he got jaundice thats kuning for you who do not know. its been tough for us these few weeks as it had been a rollercoaster ride for us. I cannot describe how the feeling was because its all mixed up at times you'll be happy then suddenly things happened that switch you to anger or fear so sometimes i tend to be forgetful putting things or doing things. I be flat by 10 because of exhaustion then in the morning I had to rush an extra mile to make things functional aas usual.. the bigger sisters were acting like they never being given attention before and sometimes they were the victims of anger....i pity them ... from the begining it was a rolllercoaster ride for me and its tough.. yet I had to endure it and I know somehow things will be better eventually. and i hope and pray that it will come soon.. amin

Sunday, 2 August 2009

I got me a boy

Salam Sejahtera wahai pembaca

First of all I'm sorry that I have not write sooner. a lot of big things happened during the week. Let's start with the the biggestnews.. I got a baby boy!!!!!!. it happened on monday 27th July, My sayang had the permission to go back after 22 days staying in the hospital. so I fetch her after lunch and we arrived home just after three.. about an hour and a half after that when both of us preparing for prayer shetold me that she had some bleeding.. so I apa lagi pecut la avanza hijau trus ke emergency and my wife trus ke labor room.. tapi... things got okay until the next day.. I was just coming back from the hospital and about to do some house chores the the Dr. called personally urging me to rush to thehospital back.. there she told me that my sayang had bleed again and its getting serious and operation cannot be avoided... after hearing this I met my wife and we ke?.... we cried..not talk.. for 5 mins and then suddenly things go very fast.. the nurse entered and I had to wait outside then all of the sudden I'm in front the OT thats operation theatre for a bum like me and I saw her being wheeled in ...The feeling..only god knows.. and time seemed to walk slowly.. untill mr. Rizal came and we just there.. its about 1 hour i saw the nurse carrying a baby to the labor room and about ten or so mins. the dr. came out and told me that I'm a father again....and both of them were ok. I had to wait for another hour to see the baby and another one more hour to see my wife..its a big emotional event for me this is my first time and I am speecheless and just numb don't know what to do.. then my family arrived and then the tension level went down.. after five days Muhammad Naufal Syah is on the fast track of recovery as well as my sayang.. I just hope your prayers and doa would speed up his development as he needs all the help from us.. so on the 28th July after being only 8 months in her mama's womb Muhammad Naufal Syah was born to the world. let us pray for him and with your prayer I thank you all.. all in all I got me a boy...may he grow up and be a better man.... at least better than his father... thank you...

Saturday, 25 July 2009

All hail the champions

Salam Sejahtera Keatas Pembaca

All hail the champions we came back on wednesday night from perlis.. what can we say we got second place after KMJ and KML was behind us. all the effort by all the members of the contingent to get through out the games. I am proud to be with the team and you all have showed them the day all of them played kmns. 3 gold , 3silver and 2 bronze. anyway see you soon for another input.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

hi ho perlis here we come..

salam sejahtera wahai pembaca

Today is the last day we are having our ups.. tonight there will be a ceramah kepolisian and jenayah.. as for me life is just like that.. anyway in two days we will be leaving for km perlis for kakom. my sayang is still in the hospital as the doctor said two more weeks to stay there.. so I'll be seeing her after kakom. its better for her to stay there as there doctors and nurses and everything. i have to start marking tonight and the english unit had received three new lecturers today as they were from school. but all are more than 30 years old..hahaha no more young and single ladies lecturers for us anymore....the rest all of us is just waiting to go back for our holidays and in my case perlis.. okay see ya'll again bye..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Gratitude towards the family

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca...

first of all I would like to thank you all that sending your prayers to my sayang.. i'm touched and most of all honoured.. she 'll be okay but still the dr. said if the placenta do not move up then he'll cut her open..I'm hoping that would not be happening... now or later... so the newbies of universities? hows live? hope you're in good condition.. this monday is our ups so.. the boys and girls of kay....em...and...ass no bad word intended!!!! are busy studying or so called..hahahaha.. anyway they reminded me guys.. god how much I miss you guys.. as always each batch have their differences... what ever it is ....all the best for your ups and bile lagi nak turun kay..emm..and..a$$$$?

Thursday, 9 July 2009

what happen few days ago...

Salam Sejahtera ke atas kamu pembaca

these are a few events of what had happened a few days ago... we came back from kuantan on sunday.. and the next day, my sayang complained that her tummy is sakit... so I sent her to the clinc for checking and suddenly her had to hopped on an ambulance and then I found myserlf in the maternity ward.. the doctor said that the placenta when down... and it collided with the baby's head... so further movement or lifting heavy things will cause severe bleeding. so she had to be detained in the hostipal for 2 weeks.... aaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!! so I am commuting to and fro to the hospital..but the food is ok la.... I've eaten her dinner hahaha but thank god her mom is here.. at least kakak and adik arfe not missing their mom too much..still adik asked her mommy everynight. its sad to see and hear but I got to hang tough.. by the way.. Pn. Hj. Kasmah one of the lab assisstants the old one had passed away today at 4 am may Allah blessed here soul and al Fatihah for her. to tell you the truth.. I, worried,sad dissapointed and god know what... its just I don't have anybody to tell.... hope for the best prepare for the worst that what i all was tell my students and now it my turn to fase this ordeal..I just hope I'm strong enough for this... till then hastalavista baby..

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

day comes and go

salam sejahtera Wahai Pembaca,

There were a lot of things going on since last week. Let see... aha I was observed last thursday at last... but this was the big hit its not the kj nor ku, nor collegue but it was bmkpm ha ha and i'm caught in the act ... but ecerythings cool the comments are too me irrelevant coz I plaa
nned to keep it simple but things got to be more... but thats ok i can take critics last time i remember took a lot more abuse than this soooo it normal then came the time i have been waited for quite a long time... the Cherating trip ....... we started the journey around 10am friday morning.. Adek was cheerfully sing ayamden lapeh and before you know it all of us started to do the same thing... then more songs and more laughter..we arrived around three angd we got the seaview apartment... the place was sanctuary beach resort or something but it was nice and its windy and I just feel lazy for a sudden..and there goes our trip.. its dipping in the pool, eat pool some more.. and more food and the the turtle sanctuary the kemaman then balok thenso much to yet so little time... was a relaxing moment for the first time I was out of the system and I could rest.. its been tiring three months of 6 am -3 am work af ter this willl be iso, ups and kakom.hope this are ok when i got back. after three days we looked like sotong, udang, kepah, tiram dan segala apa yang dibakar. especially adek yg gebu itu...Jiha..she even nearly drown as to be too excited in the pool thank god verythings are ok. so see you all too

Monday, 29 June 2009


Salam Sejahtera Wahai Pembaca

I have just finished Kem JPP and Ketua Blok. It was fun I guess.. Anyway I would like to thank Abas,Izwan, Sacheh, Naqib and Wani for their time. thank you for everything.. to my geng.. Rizal, Fizee, kak min, lyana, muna, hasfee, JAILO thanks ssssoooooo much...
Other than that I would like to say that our Ust. Rosli had been Admitted to KPJ hospital Seremban it maybe its about...hepatitis B and in serious conditon if you have the time do vidsit him and please pray for fast recovery..
Later this week there will be KAKOM Camping.. so let us cheer again.. panas..panas.. KMNS panas... Kipas Kiri ..Kipas Kanan..Panas Panas KAMI PANAS!!!!!.
apa apa pun .. mesti gi tengok giler...

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

things come and go

Salam Sejahtera Keatas Kamu Pembaca

I did not have the time to add in yesterday too many things to do yet so little time. argon came by just the other day and yesterday as well to get the certs for those who did take theirs maybe she willl distribute it today at mid valley. they have planned to meet up there. I just wanna say that I want to join in too but ..... work is work... any way.. I am very happy for the much long awaited had come by... finally I got the keys to my house.... my house... at last... so the plan is on.. by november I'll be moving out from the college. just then i'll be travelling back and forth from Seremban... I'm comin' home... this boy's comin' to my friends... facees, students.. wait for my invitation for house warming in december kay... do come i insist... any way got to go to get the keys from the developer and then you'll see the pics afterwards...

Monday, 22 June 2009


Salam Sejahtera keatas kamu wahai Pembaca

Today started with the much awaited rain but the time was early in the morning.. any way its fine with me as long as it rains.. then the class... hah I got two newbies joining in from the dissolved f7's then came the presentation replacing Hj. Amin.. and its on for me to lead the JPP camping... My break can at three where my love came back and we had the cool iceblended at cafe A.. to those who just left the college or the super senior.. cafe A now is selling cool ice blended and they serve hot food after three too.. you should be here.. anyway came by taman guru with the kids and Lynn... before I goot home someone came by ..and at last we straight things off.. and yes we came to our terms so skang nie level la but I'm still waiting for the actual person to give a call... that would be an upmost appropriate right ..don't you think? anyway I'm cooled off now there is no use to hold grudge untill the end of time.. its just liker cancer dude.. it'll eats you up from the inside. don't worry you've have forgiven my sons and daughters.. just give a call to chat.. that would be nice.. yes.. what a day for me.... hope it will be your too.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

welcome home...Big Daddy...

Salam Sejahtera keatas kamu wahai pembaca.....

first and foremost happy fathers day to all the fathers in the world... that includes you too ayah..Tn. Hj. Jaapar Abdullah. the greatest father that I know. well what can I say ..he's my dad.. a son would not speak ill about his own father right..... so what makes Ayah a good dad.??? here are the criteria... he is fierce whenever he's angry....the sternest man I had seen..firm with his decision. good sense of humor but most of all he will always be with you when things got frisky or when the shit hits the fan. I knew this through experience years ago... talking about daddy..i'm one of them too..and will be again this coming september... to my cute little daughters Nabilah and Najihah..ayah gonna say this..ayah love you so much..and will always be..but i'm going to test that butt of both of you if cross the line...anyway to all the fathers out there.. love your kids..cause there's nothing that could melt your heart when you come home after work and see your kids smiling at you knowing that they are happy and glad to see you home.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca,
Before I start I would like to congratulate all my 09/10 faci's that have got their results of which university they will be enrolled to next week. to my beloved fafau, lan, atok- uitm- business, mak pengantin,fadhil,apak- utm, rahim, shamirul, fazli - upm,Jenlot ku sayang, along, ogy, abgkhai(georgian cam bagussss)- umt,johanna, syamira, izzah- unimasssss. and last but not least my cute little bunny Izzatie- um. all the best to you all.
I 'am glad everything went smoothly without any uneventful incident. i would like to thank every facis of mine of the wonderful time we had for the past 6 or so days ago. i will cherish all the moments together. I had to attend a meeting for another program next week. wow this will be a new challenge for me... handling the new JPP... ha ha at last I am here and i will make the difference you'll see........

New Beginning in the twilight of a Red Dawn

salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca......
hari ini merupakan hari pertamaku didalam blog ini . akhirnye dapat juga aku masuk dalam blog sendiri. Terima kasih kuucapkan kepada Ogy, fesi KMNS yang mengerlip-ngerlip dan yang suka makan banyak. hari sebenarnya sudah pagi tapi roti canai aku dan kawan2 fesi yang lain belum nampak lagi. Agaknye si Bob n si Naqib ni g tebar roti canai kot..
Hari ni,....
Angin aku masih x reda..
Nak tulis macam bosan gle plak, klu tumbuk kang kne ada 3000 plak kat cina jual komputer tu..
Hari ni tamatlah sudah MPPB PDT dan overall berjalan lancar tapi ade gak yang xnak ckp ngan aku.. tu yang aku confused, aku nie tunggul ker? menyibuk ke? tak leh bagi pendapat ke? budak form six ke? sampai terkadang aku nie macam tak de harga lagi rasanye... mungkin sebab aku hanya seorang cikgu kat daerah corok atau aku terlalu rapat dengan student sampai mereka tengok aku macam takde harga just another asshole who tried to fit in their clique. terkadang aku rasa sepi didalam bilik operasi walaupun terdapat ramai fasi yang sedang berada bersama aku. adakah aku demanding keatas sume fasi aku kerana aku nak sumenye purfect. tapi ini lah ape yang aku rasa selama 2-3 hari ni. I totally feel like I was left behind from the crowd, being rejected maybe from my own actions of overly protective? or just I'm not in the picture of their well designated plans. and worst of all i feel as if i've been stabb from behind for a lot of time and then been left behind to rot and die in the gutter. but well life must go on and this thing won't hurt you at least not in a very long time. tapi.....
Nak wat cmane kan.. Aku hanya pensyarah KMNS, sedangkan mereka bakal kaunselor, doktor mata, accountant.. jadi Layan je lahh..
mungkin segala training and test that they've gone through have made them a better person and will be able to endure hardship........
alas, what ever reasons or short comings I still being graetful to Allah for giving me such a good time with my younger brothers and sisters to share my thoughts and expiriences for their betterment and to spent the time with them as we do not know when our time will come to meet our creator...