Friday, 4 June 2010

to help or not to help

Salam Sejahtera kepada kamu pembaca,

let start with a prayer for the fallen comrade aboard mavi maramara who were killed by the israeli comandos... well the whole world got mad.. then we kutuk them well as far as memories served that the boldest thing we all do... what happen then well the same thing happened again and again and again.. so.. theres nothing we can do about it ... well thats because we as muslims are not united enough to fight them.. we had successfully destroying each other than helping each other..but that is not the main point here. as i was listening the radio the aother day the dj had used or emphasize word like being treated harshly,badly or we were shock to hear how they kick and shot the activist.... yes as malaysian we must understang that that place is a warzone there is no humanity over there... sodif you were chosen to go please equipped yoursekves

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

a give from god not to be abondoned

Salam Sejahtera to all you readers....

I am often touched when seeing or hearing about the babies that were abandoned to death by their parents on tv or the radio. its bad .... its terrible... sometimes tears were shed to watch the lifeless young ones being shown .. what? why? ... in one way it is murder you left your blood to death those babies cannot survived on their own!!!!! even tigers left their cubs when they think thier cubs are grown big enough to fend themselves but what about the babies they could even hold their milk bottle what are you ?... guys come on its like the quraish people before Prophet Muhammad came they buried their girls but now they just left them whether the baby's a boy or girl they just don't care.... and it is a trend in Malaysia... then comes the next question who is to be blamed? the answer is well its everybody... we have to change... we have to take care... how not just by taking care of the babies if they were found but taking care by advising our family.. neighbors.. friends and people around us...and its hard its like keeping tab on other people's affair but if we don't do that then this thing will not stop. and for those who were being advised by others or any of your sons and daughters that being skolah by others see don't just jump into their defend listen to what other people's opinions first then make important actions to improve the situation.. its easier said than done especially if our children are on the line but act before its too late... I'm not better that everybody but i'm sure hope i will do the right thing when the shit hits the fan... but seriously we need to change.. i can still remember when i was a teen.. i will have the creeps whenever i went to town coz over here back then everybody knew everybody and news travel ultra fast.. no need sms people will give clear and vivd imagination like mms taken with 12 mp camera.. and you will not have the chance to counter the report coz your dad won't give a damn what your reasons were... come to think of that it saved me a lot back then ... so start to change....