Sunday, 11 September 2011

aftermath of raya

Salam to all readers,

its been a little bit more of a week since Ramadhan left us..its like an upset as well..i kinda like the idea of eating only twice a day and i like the idea of going to the surau every night for prayers its tranquil you see. anyway that has gone and now its raya time...hhhmmmm a none stop one month of jolaping as you can see food from here to kelantan..its always food food and food and i have gained 3-4 kilos damn!!!!need to get back exercising....fuh!!loteh i have to look for my weight so that i do not get blotted again. aside than that its just go back to work and life goes on while waiting for the baby.. lots of things to do yet so little time! we still haven't decide the name for him..its a him according to the doctor but for sure he will have a muhammad in the begining and syah in the end just have to figure up the middle part. as for right now i do not have the words and ideas anymore to write just hearing some buzzing sound of a loud complain nearby..and its getting worse so adios see ya next time.....

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

hari raya's coming

Salam Sejahtera to fellow readers....

Its nearly a year since the last post..well lets just say that I got this lazy to type issues..hehehe anyway I'm still here breathing..thank god everything's great!! we've moved to a new office right down to the old maths unit..and now we got cooler room..things changed quite a lot here in kmns but life still goes on..its basically the same ol' thang..

family, hhhhhmmmmm Naufal, my boy is getting bigger and better..this is the fifth month he's not using the inhaler.and the doctor said last teusday that he's doing good..kak Nabilah is in standard two..bitching about how her friends going to tuition classes..what is it with parents that send kids to tuition classes...they just what..8 years old!!! furgodsake...too young lah..anyway that is their views not mine so ...Jeeha, my ever favourite gurl..oooppppsss princess...hahahaha now she can recite lots of quranic verses..whichis excellent!!! I myself learn ayat kursi in my what ...standard five..and today is her berbuka ceremony in her eh? and the latest addition to the family...coming soon maybe somewhere in it like coming to the injury time.....and less travelling this time arround.
programs wise..we just got our berbuka with the facees at my casa de la was fun with the new guys its raya time and the preparation will start due time..whatever it is SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI....EID MUBARRAK TO ALL...