Sunday, 20 December 2009

a note of gratitude

Salam sejahtera keatas kamu pembaca

first and foremost it was a great feast for the family last saturday.. I had a great time seeing people coming to my house.. friends form near and afar came, friends from recent days as well as ancient time came .. I loved and cherished every moment all my friends who came thank you.. Azraai, Rizal, Fizee, Mizi, Sam, and many more to say and listed down. To all who didn't turn up no worries do come my house is always open for you.. above all.. I would like to thank John Keliwon aka Jenglot.. sebab dlm ramai2 faci dia yg sampai.. yg lain .....mungkin sibuk kot....well yg I tau Bob baru bangun.. zaini hmmm...along? ... dan ramai lagi la.. dtg la jgn la segan...anyway now it is officially officiated that I'm once again be a serembanian.. till then...adios asta lavista baby..

Monday, 14 December 2009

Makan Time

Salam to all of you pembaca...

It has been a while but here i am still alive and kicking .. well there were a lot of events happened but the most interesting was the battle of the bands.. at last we rock the night. we have Bunkface- prom queen,Greenday- september ends, Bon Jovi- you want to make a memory, Cranberries- zombie, Arctic Monkey- mardy bum, Nirvana- man who sold the world, OAG- 60's tv, My Chemical Romance- i don't love you,Metallica- nothing else matter and last but not least Eagles and Santana... I have fulfill my dreams of singing Hotel California.. and black magic woman..One night for ourselves...well next thing is that I'm having my kenduri at my house in seremban.. well to my friends and students you are being invited to bandar warisan puteri.. around 11 -12.30 afternoon this coming saturday 19th December 2009.. do come..