Friday, 4 June 2010

to help or not to help

Salam Sejahtera kepada kamu pembaca,

let start with a prayer for the fallen comrade aboard mavi maramara who were killed by the israeli comandos... well the whole world got mad.. then we kutuk them well as far as memories served that the boldest thing we all do... what happen then well the same thing happened again and again and again.. so.. theres nothing we can do about it ... well thats because we as muslims are not united enough to fight them.. we had successfully destroying each other than helping each other..but that is not the main point here. as i was listening the radio the aother day the dj had used or emphasize word like being treated harshly,badly or we were shock to hear how they kick and shot the activist.... yes as malaysian we must understang that that place is a warzone there is no humanity over there... sodif you were chosen to go please equipped yoursekves

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