Monday, 8 November 2010

its been such a long time

Salam to all....

Today it was a new semester for the college... a new begining. it was a wonderful week for me as it gave me room to breathe and now its time to work again. A lot has happened from the last post but just a quick review.. Naufal now can walk and been doin fine, zaini bought a car, spain won the world cup, we went to sabah in august, got a very hectic puasa and raye then speaking ..finals well its a hectic matter what things are getting better....and going into a proper shape for every one.
As for me this part of semester that i like most..why ...well lets just say we got to play with issues and such with the kids and then they will expand thier mind by doing some research and present to the class. well thats all for now see ya

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